I just wanted to try and see how it works after being recommeded by a friend. It turned out workin after 5 days, the charge was so small but I noticed it with one of my tight jeans. Slowly by slowly by bum increased the size. It took me 24 days people to notice it though. Never the less its worthy the wait.
Marilyn from South Africa
Been always insecure with the big size of my boobs and wanted to reduce . Dr Timiza helped me after I inquired if its possible with his herbs. They were not 100% sure with the remedies but 85% after I tried it and it did me well. Im sure it can now serve the purpose. I trust Dr Timiza 100% with his products
Have not stastifying my wife the past years but he never mentioned it until I saw timizaorganicherbs and decided to try the products b'se I already knew my size. Guess what my wife noticed and even asked how it happened thank God she didnot get angry but instead wanted to try firm breast product its now 4 days but She is noticing the change. Thank you Dr.
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Craige from Austria
I have used masturbation all my life so being with a girl I could really cum after 1-3 minutes. It broke many of relationships came across Timiza products from the comment sections. Gave it a try because it was really cheap for me. I adjust my sex duration to 20 minutes for a first round and 30 for a 2nd one. Im so happy about this really.
Any from Croatia
After my friend using injections and pill. I said I won't do any body part enlargement. I came across Timiza and just gave it a chance since it has no bad effects. I was supprised to see change on my boobs more firm and slightly bigger. It was more than 14 days but dat increament was enough for me.

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